Industrial Electronic Equipment from WEG

Valley Equipment, as a MASTER DISTRIBUTOR, is proud to offer a selection of automation equipment and electric motors from WEG. At WEG, design is not just another word, it’s a mathematical study; a synergy of efficiency, cost reduction, noise and volume minimization and higher investment returns. And although the 21st century has barely begun, high rotation motors with permanent magnets and hybrid vehicle automation are already real at WEG. The future is here, today.



The world never stops, and neither can industry. To ensure continuity WEG’s specialized engineering teams plan and supply complete systems which optimize the automation processes for whole industries, deploying intelligence and technology to provide sustainable solutions free of any kind of heavy metals.

WEG’s solutions mean more production in less time and at a lower cost for the user. Variable Frequency Drives, for example, offer precise speed variation, a wide range of functions, accessories and options. The use of VFDs mean energy savings for the user of about 10 to 50%, depending upon the application.


Electric Motors

In the low, medium and high voltage motor sectors, WEG develops motors capable of meeting the most demanding applications.

WEG electric motors offer such levels of energy efficiency that there is a rapid return on investment; the equipment usually paying for itself in a little over a year. The use of energy efficient motors is a worldwide industry trend, due to the need to reduce energy costs, and, more importantly, the need to preserve the environment. WEG is at the forefront of developments in energy saving, researching and developing technologies to ensure that the company is always one step ahead in manufacturing much more efficient motors.