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Sealing technology by EagleBurgmann is used worldwide in oil and gas industries, refineries, the petrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, food processing, energy, water, mining, paper, aerospace, and other industries. Customers can rely on our sealing technology.


eb_cartex sealCartex® mechanical seals are fully preassembled. They are balanced, can be used in either direction of rotation and
come with all the connections you need for the most common modes of operation.

Operating Limits

  • d1 = 25 … 100 mm (1″ … 4″)
    Larger diameters on request
  • t = – 40 … 220°C
    (check O-ring temperature resistance)



  • ABGSD Double Gas Seals

A design combination of stationary springs and seal faces pressurized from the inside, this seal can handles solids up to 3% in confined seal chambers. Standard bi-directional grooves forgive incorrect electrical motor installation and backflow of product. this seal fits most ANSI seal chambers (standard and enlarged) without modifications or replacement.



  • ASPN (Standard Bore)
  • ABPN (Big Bore)

Balanced, bi-directional seals with a flush connection in the flange. Available in small bore (ASPN) and big bore (ABPN) configurations.



  • ASQN (Standard Bore)
  • ABQN (Big Bore)

ASTN & ABTN are designed for operating with an internal steam quench. Flange includes a fixed carbon throttle bushing which also acts as a “disaster bushing”. In the event of primary seal failure, the bushing holds pressure and the drain port directs leakage to a defined location to provide an additional safety option. Available in small bore (ASTN & ASQN) and big bore (ABTN & ABQN) configurations.

ASQN & ABQN has lip seal in place of throttle bush & allows for using a pressureless liquid internal quench.



  • ASDN (Standard Bore)
  • ABDN (Big Bore)

Available in small bore (ASDN) and big bored (ABDN) configurations. Patented integrated circulating device for effective cooling. Can be used as double or tandem seal. The double balanced inboard face design ensures that the seal faces remain closed even in the event of buffer pressure failure or pressure reversal.[/vc_column_text]



Fully split cartridge seal for pumps

Splitex®, a fully split mechanical seal, is suitable for pump applications in many sectors of industry such as water and waste water treatment, pulp and paper, power generation, mining, shipbuilding, textiles and process engineering.Under certain circumstances, repairing a pump can give rise to costly and extensive downtime and assembly time, for instance when there is too little space for installing or changing a seal, or if there is no quick-change facility, or if a pump is operated without
stand-by. The fully split, pre-assembled Splitex® only has the dimensions of a flange and is ideal in such cases. All it takes is to lay the half-shells around the shaft and bolt them together. Any packing rings can remain in the stuffing box compartment.

  • Single seal, fully split into 2 x 2 segments, pre-assembled bullet
  • Balanced bullet
  • External pressurization Springbacking stationary, protected from the product bullet
  • Rotating seat (torque transmission to shaft with clamping ring, mechanically decoupled) bullet
  • Easily removable assembly clips enable self-centering when being installed bullet
  • None of the joints require secondary seals
  • Housing and mounting parts sealed metallically by way of lapped surfaces bullet
  • Seal faces by way of the natural internal structure
  • O-ring by way of precisely defined pressing action (no adhesion, no special mating)d enlarged) without modifications or replacement.

Operating Limits

  • d1 = 50 -150 mm (2″ – 6″)
  • p1 = 6 -10 bar
  • t1 = … 150 °C
  • vg = 10 m/s



Metal bellows cartridge seal

Metal Bellows technology tried-and-tested in service with a wide range of operating temperatures. State-of-the-art sealing technology, also available in a gas lubricated version.

Large temperature operating range (-40 … +280°C). Simple and rugged design, extremely easy to install. Equally ideal for retrofits and original equipment.

  • Single seal with throttle bushing for gas and steam quench (Mtex-TN)
  • Same design as Mtex-TN – additionally with multipoint injection for equal distribution of flush liquid acc. to API regulations (Mtex-TNM)
  • Single seal with lip seal for liquid quench (Mtex-QN)
  • Same design as Mtex-QN- additionally with multipoint injection for equal distribution of flush liquid acc. to API regulations (Mtex-QNM)
  • Double seal with metal bellows seal on the product side and stationary O-ring seal on the atmospheric side (Mtex-DN), pumping device independent of direction of rotation for barrier/buffer fluid

Operating Limits

  • d1 = 25 – 80 mm (0.9″ – 3.15″)
  • p1 = 25 bar (360 PSI)
  • t = -40°C – +280°C (-40°F – +536°F)
  • vg = 15 m/s (15 ft/s)
  • Max. axial movement: ± 0.5 mm



Mechanical seal for top entry drives

Vessels seals of the HS-D range are designed for medium-to-high pressure applications. HS(L)-D, unbalanced, for up to PN 25. Operation only with pressurized buffer fluid.

Additional options and several torque transmissions are available.

  • Double seal
  • Cartridge unit
  • Independent of direction of rotation


EagleBurgmann also manufactures supply systems and the supporting hardware for liquid-lubricated mechanical seals. Seal pots, barrier fluid booster pumps and hydrocycle seperators are just a small example of the full line of accessories for mechanical seals.