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Break Down

We aim to please with response time and information. When time is of the essence, call us!

  • We have a generous on-hand inventory
  • Our experienced staff includes technicians, mechanics, engineers, and other specialty operators and craftsmen
  • Valley Equipment has the tools and diagnostic equipment necessary to access and repair most equipment failures


At Valley Equipment, our best feature is our ability to take used equipment and return it to excellent working condition. So when it comes to repairing your equipment, it is generally no different from remanufacturing equipment that is ours.

On standard types of equipment, we generally like to have two weeks to turn around a unit.

On rush orders, where parts are readily available, lead times can be trimmed down to days, even hours in some cases.


Sometimes the current condition of equipment won’t quite work in the needed application. Valley Equipment is often able to retrofit equipment to meet the need with minor or major changes.

Tanks are one of the best examples of what retrofits can look like. We can change the orientation, end of a tank from a dish to a cone or vise versa, add legs, add mounting supports for mixers, etc.

Customer Wish List

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If for some reason you should need to return a piece of equipment, we are here to help.

Approval for returns can be processed quickly by contacting the sales person responsible for your original order. Please call us at 1.800.832.3541 or contact your sales associate online.