New & Remanufactured pump parts for your systems!

Whether the order is to rebuild a complete pump or assemble one from parts, the same degree of workmanship and quality parts go into each pump Valley remanufactures.

Check out links below to find replacement parts.We specialize in Goulds & Durco parts. If you can’t find what you need, please contact us.

  • We carry a variety of parts including shafts, casings, impellers, powerends, feet and rotating assemblies.
  • We keep a generous on hand inventory of many sizes and manufacturers.
  • Valley offers remanufacturing, repair, and breakdown support services
  • Check out our literature to assist with ordering replacement parts for ANSI & Centrifugal Pump Parts.

Also available on all ANSI Style pumps:
Adapters, powerends, shafts, feet, bearing kits and gasket kits. For additional information, please contact Valley Equipment Sales staff.